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Job Sheet: Warehousing and distribution worker

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Job title:
Warehousing and distribution worker

Job description
New Zealand's warehousing and logistics sector is busy, challenging and exciting.

Exporters and importers alike need this sector to be efficient and staffed by reliable and competent warehousing and distribution workers.

Warehousing and distribution workers perform a number of tasks including:

- Keeping records of goods coming in and out
- Loading and unloading trucks and containers
- Operating trolleys and fork lifts
- Checking and labelling goods
- Wrapping goods for storage
- Putting goods away in the correct areas
- Restocking warehouse shelves when necessary

There are many opportunities to work in this sector straight from school where it's possible to advance into a range of roles if you have the right attitude.

Qualifications required
There are no specific secondary education requirements to become a warehousing and distribution worker but a basic knowledge of English and Maths is preferred.

Location of job
There are job opportunities throughout New Zealand for warehousing workers but the greatest concentration is found in urban centres and near major ports and airports. Auckland provides the most jobs because of the large wholesale trade and logistics industries in that region.

Career path
There are good career opportunities in the warehousing and distribution industry and Tranzqual offers qualifications providing a structured career path.

Workers can upskill themselves on the job through industry training via National Certificates in Distribution available at Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4.

The National Certificates helps workers gain key skills including:

- Interpersonal communications
- Literacy and numeracy
- Health and safety
- Computer skills
- Fork lift driving
- Processing and goods handling
- Leadership and teambuilding (Level 4)

Some organisations may provide their own in-house training.

Salary range

Pay for warehousing and distribution workers varies depending on experience, the region they work in and the company they work for. 

- Junior warehouse workers under 20 years old are paid an average of $27,921 a year
- Warehouse workers over the age of 20 years earn an average of $31,344
- Skilled warehouse workers with industry training and three years experience earn an average of $40,629

Other careers this profession could lead to
Warehousing and distribution workers can progress to supervisory or managerial positions or can move into roles in customer service, road transport, purchasing and freight forwarding.

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

- Useful school subjects include English, Maths and Computer Science
- Be keen and have a 'can do' attitude 
- Gain experience of being part of a team such as a sports team
- Talk to a warehousing company and see if you can spend some time in the warehouse
- Keep reasonably fit and strong

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