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Job sheet: Travel Agent

Job title/s:

Travel agent, Corporate travel advisors, Wholesale travel agents

Job description:

Travel Agents are salespeople who advise potential travellers on the various options available to them.

This includes developing, booking and ticketing various travel itineraries including air, sea, rail, car and other transportation, accommodation, sightseeing and tours.

The Travel Agency environment is sometimes frantic and can be demanding but may offer opportunities for familiarisation trips to holiday destinations. 

Corporate Travel Advisors are responsible for processing and managing the travel requirements of business clients.

This may include airline tickets, rental cars, accommodation, etc and it may be for a trip of one day's duration or several weeks if involving international travel.

The Corporate Travel environment can often be demanding and work is often last minute. Opportunities for familiarisation trips to common business destinations are sometimes available.

Wholesale Travel Agents negotiate fares and packages with airlines, cruise companies, tour operators and hotels to sell to retail and corporate travel agents.

These Agents generally work within a company where they are responsible for a specific region (eg Australia, Asia, USA, etc) and negotiate contracts on an annual basis.

They must ensure the quotes they receive are as competitive as possible due to the competitive nature of the travel industry.
Qualifications required:

You can start in the travel industry without any formal qualifications and instead learn on the job with 'on the job' training, working towards qualifications such as the National Certificate in Travel (Level 4).

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New Zealand or abroad.

Career path:

There are opportunities to move into senior management in retail, corporate, and wholesale

Salary range:
30,000 +

Other careers this profession could lead to:

Tourist Information Centre Management

Tips on how to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry:

- Strong people skills
- High attention to detail.
- NCEA level 2 or 3 would be advantageous.

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