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Just The Job: Season five episode six

Just The Job on TV2

Just The Job on TV2

This week Just the Job takes a look behind three careers that couldn't be more different.

From the air conditioning systems of large buildings to an underground mine in search of gold to a kindergarten where young children are getting their first taste of education outside the home, there perhaps couldn't be three more varied careers to feature!

Heating, Ventilating & Air conditioning Tradesperson

Julian de Vos from Kings College is heading along to Airpro, one of the country's largest heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies, to find out what's involved in becoming an HVAC tradesperson.

The company also manufactures much of its own sheet metal ducting so first up, Julian checks out how a computer generated drawing is transformed into the real thing in the factory. After his health and safety briefing, Julian is given an insight into some ducting that is being made for one of the company's projects at the Auckland University Medical School. After being shown the ropes of how ducting is assembled, it's time for Julian to turn his hand to the task!

Next he's off to meet one of Airpro's project managers at the job site to learn more about how the system works. In the plant room he can see how the duct work and pipe work are connected to large chillers where the water is cooled or heated to create the temperatures required throughout the building.

Julian learns there is plenty of variety in this industry, plenty of opportunities to work on some exciting projects and prospects for employment strong.

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Gold Mining

It's an exciting prospect to go underground, extract rock and process it until you are left with a solid bar of gold but that's exactly what Caleb Lese from Dunedin will find out all about when he heads to Macraes mine in Otago.

Heading underground he learns that the 12 hour shifts begin and end with a blast and that the multi-million dollar subterranean digging machines are one of the main tools used by the mine. While these 'bogger' machines can be used by an operator, they can also be operated remotely when the area being worked on is unsupported. Caleb is keen to see if operating a bogger remotely is as easy as it looks but soon learns it might take a little more training to become proficient!

At the processing plant, Caleb finds out more about how the gold is extracted from the sulphur rock and how from the plant processing control room around 95 per cent of the plant can be managed. Then it's off to see if there is any gold at the end of the rainbow and to his surprise, the $800,000 bar of gold he holds is much heavier than he expected!

There are a wide range of roles within the gold mining industry and much of the training can be done on the job. For Caleb, it is certainly something to think about for his future.

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Early Childhood Teaching

Early childhood teaching is a career that can offer opportunities throughout New Zealand and Hannah from Otago Girls High School is keen to visit a local Dunedin kindergarten to find out more about this rewarding vocation.

At the Grants Braes Kindergarten, Hannah meets head teacher Claire Woods to learn what makes a successful early childhood teacher. Claire explains the teacher's role is to allow the child to choose their activity then participate and encourage where necessary. The pre-school years are all about fostering confidence and independence that will support the children as they grow and develop.

Along with creating a fun experience for the children, Claire explains it's also important to work alongside families and whanau to ensure all needs are met. And that becomes another rewarding aspect of the job, getting to know not just the children but the families too.

After a day on the job, Claire has proven she's got what it takes and early childhood teaching is a career she can see herself enjoying.

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If any of the careers featuring on Just the Job look like something you might be interested in, check out the Career Services website at and watch the programme for more information on how to get the career you want.