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Job description
As an RNZAF pilot you will fly either fixed wing or rotary aircraft in some of the worlds more challenging areas as well as within New Zealand. Your flying duties will be diverse and no day will be the same. RNZAF Pilots are also expected to undertake command and leadership roles as a commissioned officer.

Qualifications required
NCEA Level 2 with 18 credits in each subject; English, Mathematics and two others (physics or chemistry preferred).

Training costs
RNZAF Command and Pilot training is free. All costs are met by the RNZAF.

Career path
After graduating the Initial Officer training and wings courses you will be a co-pilot. Once you have the experience you will be a captain and go on to take up Command and perhaps executive leadership roles.

Salary range
$33,256.00 is the starting salary as a trainee and as you get promoted and gain experience your salary will increase accordingly.

Other careers this profession could lead to
Commercial pilot, airline pilot or any aviation oriented management role.


How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry
Be academically able, have good interpersonal skills, be a team player and be someone that is able to step into a leadership role.


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Other relevant points
Pilots need to be New Zealand citizens in order to undertake their duties. Some exceptions apply so check with the nearest recruiting office.