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Nurses at Corrections are responsible for providing a full range of primary health services, delivered from health centres located in 19 prisons throughout the country.

With the support of Corrections Officers, Registered Nurses meet the health needs of a prisoner community of around 9000.

Key responsibilities are:

  • Providing quality primary health care to prisoners, including assessment and treatment within the scope of nursing practice and contracted-in services and referral to appropriate agencies where necessary;
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of management plans for the "health at risk" prisoners;
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of prisoner management;
  • Contributing to initiatives to enhance the healthcare provision within prisons; and
  • Providing emergency treatment for prisoners and staff.

Qualifications required

  • Registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand as a Registered Nurse with the scope of practice to enable you to work in a primary health care setting.
  • Have proven clinical nursing skills. Some mental health and/or emergency department experience would be an advantage.
  • Current vaccination certificate including Mantoux desirable.
  • A current Practising Certificate for New Zealand.


If you are a new graduate and eligible to enter our new graduate programme you will be supported throughout your first year with us to provide you with a strong start to your career.

Post graduate study is encouraged and accessed through individual applications.

Attendance at appropriate conferences is also encouraged, particularly for those nurses who hold portfolios (for example diabetes management or infection control).


We have 19 prisons, located across New Zealand in both rural and city settings.

Please view the link of a map of the locations of our prisons to assist you in determining where our current job opportunities are situated:

Career path

There are opportunities for promotion through to positions such as Team Leader, Health Centre Manager, Regional Health Manager or even National Health Manager.

Salary range

A registered nurse base salary starts at $58,148 with the potential to earn more due to overtime and penal rates.

How to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

Nursing experience in the fields of primary practice, emergency care and mental health nursing would be useful but is not a pre-requisite.

If you are working on gaining your registration or practising certificate, you can apply and we can help you through the process.

Other places to source information about this job

Click here for The Department of Corrections website

Other relevant points

We are currently unable to offer employment to student nurses.

However, if you are interested in nursing in prisons on completion of your training you should consider seeking an elective placement in one of our prisons in your final year and speak to the Health Centre Manager about the new graduate programme.

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We require a current full New Zealand or international driver licence (you must be able to drive a manual vehicle as a requirement for this position).