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Just The Job


Just the Job: season two, episode three

In this week's show:

Evie Ferguson (17) from Whakatipu High School finds out how to keep cusstomers satisfied at Queenstown Airport.

Nick (18) from Fraser High School in Hamilton tries his hand at floor and wall tiling.

Benjamin Strickett (16) from Hebron Christian College thinks he might have the spark to become an electrician.

Airport Customer Services - ATTTO

For those who love travel, people and airports, then this is one career you will certainly want to look at closely. Evie definitely fits the bill for someone who could succeed in Airport Customer Services with her friendly nature and strong interest in travel and languages.

It helps to have a sense of humour, plenty of patience and an ability to think on your feet when dealing with the range of issues at an airport.

Floor and Wall Tiling - Building ITO

The perfect tiling trainee has maths ability, a strong dose of common sense and isn't afraid of hard work. Nick thinks it can't be too difficult to master this art but as he tries his hand at mixing then laying the grout, he's the first to admit tiling is one skill you can't learn overnight.

An occupation that offers creativity and variety, skilled tilers are always in demand and if you can perfect your technique and attain accuracy in laying, measuring and cutting the tiles, this is a career with the potential to take you anywhere in the world.

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Electrical Installations - ETITO

The role of an electrician these days has expanded as technology has taken off. It's no longer enough to be able to wire lights and power points - the whole area of data cabling is now part of the job.

Benjamin has already helped a friend's father on the job. It's also a career where there is a labour shortage so job prospects for the enthusiastic are positive.

Apprenticeship schemes are available and if the challenge of working in an environment where some technical knowledge sits alongside practical aptitude, an electrical career is a great option - as we see in this segment with Benjamin.

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Tip of the Week

Career consultant Sarah McIndoe this week talks about the advantages of preparing for your job interview. Don't miss what she has to say as it could make all the difference when you are getting ready for your job interviews.

For more information on how to prepare for a job interview, visit where you can find templates and a whole lot of other useful information to kick start your work life.