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Just The Job: season two, episode nine

This week on Just the Job:

Xavier Birch (17) from Nelson is interested in ecology and native species. Xacier investigates a career as a Department of Conservation ranger. 

Nick Bunge (17) is curious about the process of getting clothes into stores. Ben chats to the retail buyer for Barkers menswear stores.

Brodie Askew (16) from Lincoln High School has studied horticulture at school and is interested in a career in sports turf management.

DOC Ranger - Learning State

Environmental enthusiast Xavier Birch is the perfect person to spend some time looking into a career in conservation.

Xavier visits Maud Island, a 310ha wildlife haven in the Marlborough Sounds that is home to some of our most endangered flora and fauna. Protecting and monitoring the likes of takahe, geckos, skinks and the Maud Island frog are part of the job. Xavier also finds out that pest control is crucial. The traps used to catch predators such as stoats can easily take a finger off if not handled carefully.

Xavier heads to the Nelson Lakes. There are hundreds of DOC managed tracks and huts throughout New Zealand and keeping them up to scratch and inspected is the responsibility of a DOC ranger.

If you love New Zealand's great outdoors and have a passion for our native species and flora, then this is a fantastic career worth investigating further.       

Click here for more information on a career with DOC

Retail Buyer - Retail ITO

At Barkers menswear, Nick Bunge meets Wade Hawkins who has spent 18 years influencing what Barkers customers wear.

The role of a retail buyer is varied and Nick discovers that a lot of Wade's work involves travelling overseas to research the latest trends. On his return, these trends are interpreted and adapted for the local market.

Another large part of Wade's role is keeping stock moving throughout the stores and Nick gets an insight into how stock is tracked and distributed.

With fashion and ever changing industry, a career as a retail buyer for a clothing store is never dull.

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Sports Turf Maintenance - Sports Turf ITO

Brodie Askew enjoys horticulture and PE at school and thinks a career in sports turf management might be the job for him. He heads to the Lincoln University High Performance Centre to meet NZ Cricket Turf Manager Jared Carter.

Brodie realises there are many variables that go into creating a top cricket pitch. If the pitch isn't performing, the players will let you know.

Preparation doesn't happen just before a match; the basics must be there from the start to ensure a good result.

The outfield also has to be carefully maintained and Brodie checks out one of the sports turf tools of the trade: a scarifier.

A career in sports turf maintenance is ideal for those who enjoy sport and the outdoors, like a challenge and don't mind putting in plenty of time.

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Tip of the Week

This week career consultant Sarah McIndoe talks about the need to be proactive when pursuing the job you want.  

If you know who you want to work for, make a positive impression by approaching them to see if there are any roles available. This is how a lot of jobs are filled - they never even reach the situations vacant or internet job websites.

For more tips on getting the job you want, just visit where you can find templates and a whole lot of other useful information to kick start your work life.