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Just the Job: Season three, episode five

This week on Just the Job, we have three more exciting careers to check out and you never know, one of them could end up being the career for you!

Freight Forwarding - Import 

As an island in the Pacific, sending or receiving goods from overseas is always going to involve air freight or sea freight.

Brittany is interested to learn how freight gets where it's going on time, every time.

She finds out that the role involves contact with people from all around the world, and the goods being freighted could range from furniture to radioactive medicines.

An interest in good customer service and computer skills can take someone a long way in this career which is always looking for good quality young people to employ.

With on-the-job training available, this is definitely an option for enthusiastic school leavers who might enjoy working in a stimulating and interesting environment.

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Commercial Flooring 

Toby heads along to check out what goes on when it comes to laying carpet, vinyl and rubber products on large building sites.

With opportunities to work on varied and interesting locations, commercial flooring is an ideal career for someone who takes pride in doing a good job and likes to work with their hands.

Toby learns there is a process that needs to be followed to install commercial flooring products, and finds out if he has the fine touch needed to use a trowel to smooth out the render used before a product is laid.

Commercial flooring is a career that is in demand in a whole range of environments - from buildings to super yachts, cruise liners and more.

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Aircraft Engineer

Being an aircraft engineer can take you around the world. It's an exciting career with great potential as Rhiannon discovers when she visits Engineering Services at Air New Zealand.

It doesn't take long before she's in involved in changing over two engines on a 747 which is in for a full service. 

Next up she's trying her hand at flying the aircraft simulator which is used to simulate a variety of problems to be managed.

Part of the role, along with servicing and maintenance of aircraft, is to test the onboard safety equipment such as the life rafts and evacuation slides.

If you're good at maths, english, science, and are practical and methodical, this is a fantastic career with huge potential.

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Tip of the Week

This week Career Consultant Sarah advises on how you can really check out what a career involves before you make your final decision.

As she says, you wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first, so it pays to also do plenty of research when it comes to choosing your career.

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