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Just The Job: Season four episode two

This week on Just the Job we're travelling to different parts of New Zealand to go behind the scenes of three careers that offer a real variety of opportunities.

Jordan is off to Blenheim, one of the country's wine making hubs, to see what's involved in taking the grapes from the vine and into the bottle at the Allan Scott vineyard.

The vineyard sits on 80 hectares and employs six full time staff plus contractors. Jordan gets some hands on experience pruning the vines and getting behind the wheel of the tractor to spray the plants, a crucial aspect to helping protect the vineyard's livelihood.  She also meets winemaker Jason Scott and learns how the grapes taste on the vine is the key to deciding when it's best to harvest.

A qualification in viticulture can open up the wide range options within this exciting industry and will be an invaluable asset as you build your career. 

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Public Health - Programme Co-ordinator

Bevan enjoys helping others and getting involved in projects so a career in Public Health as a programme co-ordinator certainly suits his interests although it's a completely unfamiliar career option for him.

A job that is 50 percent out and about, it is about prevention, promotion and protection of our environment to preserve heath.  That can involve helping organisations identify areas they can change, then helping them set goals and action plans to achieve those changes. It could be anything from helping employees set up a car pooling scheme to assisting a school getting a walking school bus off the ground.

Other aspects of the job could take you into schools sharing materials on issues like sexual abuse and teenage gambling. Or you could find yourself engaging with the community offering information on various educational programmes available to both young people and adults.

This is a great career choice for anyone who wants to make a difference.

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Motor Trimming 

The second Jordan to feature this show has an interest in design so with that in mind, he's off to visit Charman Motor Trimmers and Upholsterers in Napier to check out those final touches that make a vehicle look fantastic.

This is a career that could see you involved on any type of vehicle - from cars and motorbikes to aircraft, trains and even boats. It's a motorbike that's Jordan's focus however, and he's getting straight into assisting with the replacement of a seat.  A new covering for the seat must be cut out then it must be screen printed and re-fitted.

Once you've learned the ropes of this career, the world is your oyster.

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To wrap up the show, Selwyn from Career Services has some great advice to help you on your journey to securing the perfect job.

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