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Just The Job: Season four episode one

Deep Sea Fishing Special

Just the Job is back and kicks off season four by getting all at sea with a special show with a nautical theme. For anyone interested in a career on the water, this is a 'not to be missed' show.

Chase from Motueka High School is an outdoors kind of guy so he's heading to Talley's in Nelson to check out three careers in the deep sea fishing industry:

- Baader Technician
- Deckhand
- Factory Processing

Chas starts his opportunity of a lifetime when he meets factory engineer Mike Knowles, who introduces him to what's involved in keeping the machines maintained aboard the fishing trawler Amaltal Enterprise. Baader is the name of the machine that fillets the fish caught at sea.

The Enterprise has two baader machines on board which can fillet up to 120 machines per minute. Mike shows Chas other machines also involved in the fish processing process which need maintenance and servicing.  Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic skills are all required for this challenging job, which takes place both in port and at sea.

While the baader technician keeps the machinery operational to process the catch, the deckhand is directly involved in catching the fish.  It's a physical job that demands plenty of common sense and the ability to work with a team. The trawler can be at sea for up to six weeks and during that time, the deckhand is responsible for getting the nets out, fixing the nets and splicing the wire cable that takes the nets in and out. Once all the work above deck has finished, the deckhand goes below to the factory to help process the catch.

The processing factory on board the Enterprise is where Chas finds out what happens to the 15 tonnes of fish that's been caught while he's been at sea. Again, team work is the name of the game and there are several different areas of processing that Chas can check out.

It's important the fish are filleted and processed as quickly as possible then frozen to minus 18 degrees before being stored in the hold until the trawler reaches port again. Like the deckhand, the factory processor works shifts of six hours on, six hours off. 

Chas discovers the variety of work and opportunities in the deep sea fishing industry definitely make it an attractive career for anyone keen on a great job with plenty of variety, earning prospects and something a little less ordinary.   

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