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Job sheet: Rail Crew Controller

Job title
Rail Crew Controller

Job description
The Crew Controller is primarily responsible for ensuring that Locomotive Engineers are rostered to enable the rail network to be effectively resourced.

This includes appropriate rostering; leave management; and planning to cover unexpected absences.

This requires the ability to negotiate and juggle available resources to meet service requirements.

A high awareness of safety issues is involved in rostering to ensure our Locomotive Engineers can maintain a work life balance.

Qualifications required

  • Previous experience in transport logistics area
  • Sound practical and theoretical knowledge in the area of rostering
  • Entry level professionalism in a specialist area
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer skills to the level of data entry and basic spreadsheet
  • Analytical skills


"Shadow training" with a mentor for approximately 4-6 weeks, with theory as well as practical training
Initial on site visits to rail terminals

Location of job
Office based in Auckland and Christchurch

Career path
Leadership in supervising teams
Management planning

Salary range
$21 per hour (training)
$22-24 per hour + penal rates

Other careers this profession could lead to
Specialist in dangerous goods/ reefer logistics
Logistic Planning

Tips on how to increase the chances of successfully entering this industry

  • Communication skills (verbal and written) are imperative for a successful candidate, as well as listening skills and the ability to think outside the square
  • Attention to detail and reliability are essential.


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