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A chat with Just the Job host Clinton Randell

 Just the Job host Clinton Randell

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Just the Job host Clinton Randell offers some tips on securing your dream job and why he wants to be a firefighter.

Just the Job has showcased a variety of professions, from hairdressing to trucking, and green keeping to dairy farming.  In a dream world, where would you like to work for two days and why?
Besides taking Phil Keoghan's job on The Amazing Race, I would love to be a firefighter. Something about running into a burning building just appeals to me, and their job must be so satisfying - saving lives and knowing you've made a difference at the end of each day.
What's the worst job you've ever had? 
I havent had that many, but I used to hate it when I was young and Id get back from school to meet a mountain of pamphlets and newspapers to deliver. I had the worst run, all up hills, and it paid something like $4-$7 and took me forever, but I must say I never dumped them down a bank... waiting till rubbish day to put them in the neighbours green bins works much better, kidding!
What's your piece of advice for those struggling with their career path?
Everyone struggles, just find out what it is you love doing and be persistent. A lot of industries are about who you know, so surround yourself with the right people and always keep their contact numbers, a little bit of luck always helps too.

Are you still singing? 
Yeah, I still sing in church on Sundays with a small band at Ngaire Ave, in Newmarket, but cant say Ive had anyone knocking on the door wanting to offer me a record deal just yet!

Tell us two points you included on your CV that helped you secure the role as host of Just the Job.
I find CV's really overrated, flattery always goes a long way and bribery goes even further... nah I totally got the job through word of mouth, it's like I was saying before dont under-estimate the power of 'who you know'.