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Congratulations to our final winners: Emma Hargreaves from Napier, Nicole Pask from Christchurch, Annie Bruce from Pokeno, Jenny Nahu in Rotorua and Dave Tuson from Nelson.

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About the show:

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wants to start a food revolution in Britain.

The British watch more cookery programmes than ever before, and buy more cookery books, yet fewer and fewer people know how to cook from scratch.

The Big Food Fight: Jamie's Ministry Of Food follows Oliver as he goes to Rotherham to meet the woman who defeated his School Dinners campaign there - Julie Critchlow, the burger Mum.

It turns out that she is a cook.

Oliver asks her to help him in his new campaign and she tells him that although she doesn't always agree with him, he's alright really, and she'll help.

Oliver says the series is about inspiring people to get back into their kitchens and make simple, delicious food from scratch again.

"Although there are loads of great things to say about the state of cooking and food in this country, there are also quite a few negatives. We Brits have one of the highest obesity rates in Europe; we love our ready meals and takeaways, and seem to be eating more of them than ever.

"We really seem to have lost the plot when it comes to passing on our cooking skills from generation to generation - so much so, that some of the people I met in my cooking classes while filming the TV show didn't know how to mash a potato."

He says the biggest problem is getting people in Britain, and worldwide, to see that they can make a difference.

On Jamie's Ministry Of Food, Oliver's plan is to teach a small group ten simple meals that they can pass on to others who, in turn, will also spread the word.

"'Pass It On' is all about getting people to teach two of their mates how to cook, and getting them to promise to teach two of their mates how to cook, and so on and so on."

If it works, he wants to get the whole town cooking and kick-off a nationwide campaign. It would only takes a handful of chains down the line and thousands of people will be learning how to cook, he says.

However, when he meets his recruits, Oliver realises he faces an uphill struggle.

Natasha and her young family live on kebabs; Claire eats 10 bags of crisps a day; and Mick has never cooked in his life.

But if he can inspire them to cook, and pass on their enthusiasm, he might just succeed.

Watch The Big Food Fight: Jamie's Ministry Of Food to see if Oliver's 'Pass It On' idea is in tatters, or if it is starting to spread.