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Jamie's Food Escapes

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About Jamie's Food Escapes

Saturdays at 5pm

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About the show

Jamie's Food Escapes is a brand new series which sees Jamie Oliver turn food tourist.

In each show he explores the cuisine of a foreign city or region just a short flight from the UK.

For most of us a short break means museums, galleries or beaches  but for Jamie it's all about food and he reckons you can learn a hell of a lot more about a place from how they cook and eat.

Jamie's Food Escapes sees Jamie at his most inspired and inspiring as he meets local families, cooks and farmers, tastes delicious indigenous dishes and is inspired to cooks his own.

This series is one great big food adventure and Jamie jumps right in and gets his hands dirty. In Marrakesh he discovers there a strict etiquette to eating with your hands from a tagine and learns, to his cost: take food from your neighbour's side of the dish and you're in trouble.

In Athens Jamie "the name's Bond" Oliver tries his first ever spear fishing; in Andalucia he cooks the world's biggest paella for an entire village; In France he befriends a Pyrennean pig to hunt for truffles; he discovers how peach Bellinis match the colour of the Venetian evening sky; and in Swedish he tries to avoid skinny dipping at a crayfish party. Those Swedes. They're not like us!

He meets some legendary cooks -not posh chefs -  but  real people making honest food in cafes, tavernas, farms, local restaurants and in people's kitchens.

Jamie's Food Escapes reveals some exciting gems of places to visit and will have viewers reaching for their pans to reproduce simple and delicious recipes in their own kitchens.