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Meet the Characters


Find out who's who - alive or undead! 


Olivia "Liv" Moore

Played by Rose McIver  

Liv was a top student at med school, with a promising career ahead of her and a dreamy fiancé to go with it. Until an eventful college boat party leaves her "undead".

Not wanting to admit her new identity, Liv abandons her old life and takes up a job as an assistant mortician. The perk? She has access to human brains, which she must consume to help keep her humanity intact.


Major Lilywhite

Played by Robert Buckley

Major is the perfect catch, and the man Liv was supposed to marry.

Like everybody in Liv's life, he cant figure out her sudden lack of ambition.

The engagement may be void, but Major still exists in Liv's changed world, never far from her side.


Clive Babinaux

Played by Malcolm Goodwin

Clive is an eager local police detective, who relies on Liv to help out with solving crimes.

He knows her secret, and has no problem with utilising her special access to the victims thoughts.


Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti  

Played by Rahul Kohli 

Dr Ravi is Liv's boss and also her confidante.

He protects Liv and her secret, with the hope of someday curing her unfortunate condition. 


Blaine DeBeers

Played by David Anders

Blaine is the zombie responsible for Liv's transformation.