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Its Me Or The Dog

It's Me Or The Dog

This series is currently off the air

About the series

Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is back to train Britain's naughtiest dogs.

Throughout the series Stilwell will tame the terrible, rein in the randy, and deal with the downright dangerous, but first she will confront the cruel crime of dog-napping.

Stilwell believes talking canine doesn't take practice - people just need to take their cue from the dog. "It's about understanding the different pitch and tones of a bark."

Working as an actor before dogs took over her life, Stilwell says her acting skills have helped her become a better observer - "You're much more aware of what you're doing physically and vocally. You're more aware of how people and dogs are relating. When I go into a house I'm constantly looking at the dog and picking up clues from the way it's behaving and the noises it makes."

She says size doesn't matter when it comes to badly behaved pooches. "I think smaller dogs can be just as feisty and think they can take on any dog. They don't realise they're small."

Stilwell says there are a number of extreme examples where the family unit has broken down because of the dog's behaviour.