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Jan Maree

Jan Maree is New Zealand's "Funny Chick"

* 35-year-old comedian from Raglan

* Jan won the Billy T Award for Comedy in 2001

* She is passionate about cooking, her show "Eat Me" was nominated for Best Local Show at the Comedy Festival in 2007

* Is a petrol-head, does standup at the Speedway at Western Springs

* Appeared regularly on Pulp Comedy and Comedy Gala for TV2

* Has been a radio host

* Is a trained teacher, now teaches stand-up comedy

* Doesn't have children, her dogs are her babies, 'Flash' and 'Titch'

* Loves the strong women in New Zealand, is a proud Kiwi

* Describes herself as "loud and opinionated, and energetic"

* Often says the wrong thing before she even thinks it!

* Hates yoga, prefers to listen to house music and hula hoop

* Was a Top Town team mascot in 1977!