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Episode Nine - The Dredge

On the next episode, screening Wednesday April 5 at 9.30pm:

Larkin learns that Russell has a criminal record after he becomes a prime suspect in a double murder. She questions his integrity and investigates the circumstances surrounding the murder. 

Meanwhile, Dave contacts Mariel in an attempt to find out what happened to her the night of the hurricane, and Mariel pleads with Underlay to dredge the bay to discover the true identity of the body she claims to have seen.

Secrets Revealed

- Mariel stares at the part of the water where she thinks she saw her body. Tom arrives and she restates what she saw and demands he dredge the area.

- Dave records his internet blog and voices his suspicions about the "survivors" of the hurricane who are acting weirdly and going to the support group.

- At the support group meeting, Mariel says she doesn't know who she is anymore. She starts to talk about find her own body, but stops when Dave enters the room.

- While on a picnic with Larkin, Russell discovers a bunch of dead fish and alligators and realises that someone has poisoned his favourite pond. He then violently confronts a couple of local pot grower/dealers and accuses them of putting something in the water. They admit to dumping fertilizer, but only because the pond was already rotten. Larkin stops Russell before he does something to violent.

- Dave sees Mariel at the hospital, and she accuses Russell of sending him there. He denies it and talks about the "weird" behaviour of the people in the town. He asks her to have a beer with him to talk. At the local bar Dave and Mariel talk about the meeting. He jokingly admits to expecting "pod people" at the meeting, but Mariel is clearly perturbed by his thoughts.

- Tom receives cryptic advice from the Father Scanlon (who remember is one of the people who went missing during the hurricane, and who runs the support group meetings) about providing Mariel with "evidence" to protect her faith in him.

- Russell takes a bloated and smelly alligator body from the poisoned pond.

- When Dave drops Mariel off at the hospital, he asks her about how most of the support group spent time in the water, and if anyone has ever mentioned anything weird that they saw in the water. He gathers from her that she has seen something in the water since, and he says he has also. Then they are interrupted by Sheriff Tom.

- Sheriff Tom visits the morgue and sees some bodies with a weird flesh eating problem. One of the bodies, a man, was found near Russell's beloved pond. The other body is that of an un identified female body.

- Dave uploads his blog at the internet café. Larkin is there and she shares her concern with Dave about the revelation that Russell had a criminal record. It came up after the pot dealer that he slugged went into hospital. Dave helps her look up Russell's record online.

- Russell and Mona perform an autopsy on the bloated alligator. It stinks real bad. While slicing open something inside, some weird chemicals spill on Russell and a strange thing with claws falls out of the alligator's body.

- As Dave describes it as he records his internet blog into his dictaphone: "It's about a foot long, eight inches thick with a single prod shooting through the middle of it, it orange pink in colour and actually looks a little more like a chicken than anything you'd expect to find in another galaxy, but it is definitely extra terrestrial. It came out covered in this acid slime."

- Russell tells Larkin about how his violently aggressive and abusive uncle (who was Russell's guardian when he first got to America from Cuba as a child) made him sell drugs when he was a kid. And that once his Uncle killed his childhood friend so Russell retaliated and killed his Uncle. He got off with a detention camp sentence based on a self-defence defence. That is Russell's dark past.

- Dave arrives home to his shack to find Mariel waiting for him. She tells him she's not a pod person, but she is different, in a way she can't explain. She asks Dave what he saw in the water. He tries to evade the question, but Mariel persists, citing Doctor/Patient privilege. He tells her about the EBE thing he saw - "a bright orange something that attacked me." He asks her what she saw in the water. "Me," is her response.

- Out at the cove where Mariel supposedly saw herself, Tom's mean dredge the water to no avail. She asks Tom to persist.

- Mona calls Russell from the lab with the test results of the thing that came out of the alligator - it was filled with all sorts of poisons that definitely killed the 'gator. But it also looks like it possesses some human DNA!

- Dave attends the support group meeting and talks soothingly about wanting to share their experience. After he exits he records into his dictaphone "I think I got them right where I want them."

- One of the dredgers finds something - it is the body of a blond woman, but it isn't Mariel. The Jane Doe perhaps? That bloody Sheriff Tom!