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Glen Osbourne's diary

Glen Osbourne shares his thoughts on his trip to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

I'm tired. Customs in Uzbekistan aren't the friendliest people. I'm happy to be in the beautiful city of Tashkent - since leaving NZ I've been in planes or in an airport, it's made me a bit hoha. Can't stop thinking of where I can go tomorrow once I've had a decent sleep.

Feel better. Breakfast wasn't much - let's just say there was no bacon and eggs! Went for a walk and noticed that these people look the same. Just about to jump on a plane to Urgench, which is the closest airport to our next destination, Khiva.

 DAY 3  
Arrived at the home-stay in Khiva yesterday. The family took me in as one of their own, I helped cook a couple of traditional dishes and we shared a few laughs - even with the language barrier.

The beautiful dance the children performed and the special family bond made me pretty homesick. If more families worked as a team like they did, the world would be a better place. I hope I can do another home stay. So far, it's been the highlight of my trip.

Still haven't got over the jetlag. I left the home-stay this morning -  I wanted to stay but I had to go to Bukhara. What a long bloody trip. We stopped for 30 minutes in the six hour journey.

Feel a bit hoha from the trip yesterday. I'm going to a restaurant by the water for a feed of bacon or eggs.

Just had breakfast, guess what - no bacon and eggs! I'm going to look for a local bath place to get a massage.

Just hopped into bed after my massage. Gee it was painful but I feel good now. I did a bit of sightseeing today, noticed quiet a few tourists around, miss home a bit.

Today I relaxed and had a look around the place. I needed to recharge the batteries before another long trip tomorrow.

Tonight I attended a traditional musical.

DAY 7-8
Arrived in Samarkand after a long trip from Bukhara. I cruised around Samarkand and was entertained by the locals with games and music.

I'm looking forward to discovering a new country tomorrow, but I'm not looking forward to going to through customs.

It was choice to be in another country today, Kyrgyzstan and as I guessed it, customs were definitely not friendly.

Bishkek is different. The locals look more like Mongolians, descendants of the great Genghis Khan I suspect. The highlight today was meeting my guides. This place is much more western then I expected with even a few shopping malls.
DAY 10
Visited the great State Historical Museum today, gee this place has some history! NZ had one real war between Maori and Pakeha but this country has had hundreds.
I really enjoyed staying here and stocked up on Coca Cola too.

I'm camped in the Ala -Archa Valley, an absolutely picturesque place. It will be great to sleep under the stars. My guides love drinking vodka - we sampled a couple of nips.

DAY 11-12
Not feeling good today - too much vodka and a seven hour trip. It's bloody cold here. Had a good time visiting the eagle man. Not looking forward to the seven hour trip back to the capital.

DAY 13 
Today we stopped for another home-stay, another highlight of my intrepid journey. I milked a cow for the first time since I was a teenager, I also helped make dinner and sat down to a beautiful food and a wonderful family.  

DAY 14
We left the home stay for the big smoke of Bishket. It's been an amazing trip and I have seen, learnt and discovered so many things that I know I'll never see again.
I can't say that I've changed or because of this trip, but what I do know is that I will never forget this trip for as long as I live.

Good night.