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Frank Bunce on Intrepid Journeys

Thursdays at 8.30pm

On his Intrepid journey, Frank Bunce's travels brought him face-to-face with the poverty, fear and frustration that fuelled the recent uprising in Cairo.

About the show

Dust off the atlas, TV ONE's award-winning travel juggernaut Intrepid Journeys is on the go again. 

From joining camel farmers in Oman's desert to living in tents in Tajekestan, seeing Iranian smugglers run the gaunlet to buying caviar on the blackmarket at the Caspian Sea, this much-loved series is heading well off the beaten track with another batch of brave travellers.  

On a good day our celebrity travellers have a bed, a roof over their heads and running water.  On a bad day, anything is possible. This series continues to prove that cocktails by the pool keep you amused for a minute but exploring the less-travelled parts of the world make for a rewarding adventure packed with culture clash, personal triumph and memories that last a lifetime.

Journeys this season include Simon Gault travelling to Northern Turkey and Iran, Tamati Coffey travelling to Oman, Renato Bartolmei travelling to Mongolia and Lynda Topp travelling to Tajikstan.