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What is the Raw Comedy Quest?

The Classic presents:

The Raw Comedy Quest 2009

It's the Comedy Festival show that embraces the Kiwi spirit of "do it yourself" - The Raw Comedy Quest

For over 15 years hundreds of Kiwi's have given it a go in the Raw Comedy Quest, a high light of the annual New Zealand International Comedy Festival. Some have gone on to enjoy continued success as part time and full time performers. Many others have discovered that all they are good for is a few jokes at the office party.

But most importantly all of them have faced human kinds greatest fear - Public Speaking, with the added expectation of being funny.

So once again the mic is 'open' at The Classic and ready for some Raw Comedy, so if you think you're funny then why not make a stand, win $1000, the glory and the chance to become a pro in the local comedy industry .

The current season of Raw Comedy warm-ups up during March, with official heats for the Raw Comedy Quest every Monday in April. Semi-finals will be held on Sun 3 and Sun 1 May at the Classic with the Grand Final on Sun 17 May.

All you need to 'do it yourself' is 5 minutes of original comedy and the will to stand up and be counted.

New Faces call Scott Blanks on 09-373 4321 to register.

Dates:   Grand Final - Sunday May 17 @ 7pm.
Semi-Final - Sunday May 3 & 10 @ 7pm 
Heats every Monday in April 8pm
Venue:   The Classic
Bookings: Ph 09-373 4321