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Noor Razzak Goes KaBoom: Comedy Festival Review

Noor Razzak goes Kaboom, Limelight Laugh Lounge, Aotea Centre, The Edge, May 13-16 10pm

Noor Razzak is blessed with the perfect comedian's background.

He was born is Baghdad, spent his formative years in the United States and has lived in Wellington since 1998.

It is ready made material and he doesn't fail to exploit it at all times.

Nothing is off limits - including his family, all aspects of the Arab culture and even the events of 9/11 - definitely not politically correct, definitely funny - albeit in a guilt inducing kind of way.

A two-time winner of the raw comedy quest in Wellington, this was Razzak first solo show in the international comedy festival in the very comfortable confines of the Limelight Lounge at the Aotea Centre

The Arab theme is a constant throughout the one-hour performance.

He manages to reinforce all manner of stereotypes and in a particularly funny aside explains the real reason for the presence of Burka's.

Does it belong

He made use of a PowerPoint presentation twice during the show. It was a clever way to graphically illustrate exactly what he was referring to but some will wonder if it belongs in a comedy routine. Surely it is not the future although the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

He was very candid throughout - admitting he had prompt notes on the desk beside. But were not for him - "they are for you guys so you don't miss out on any awesome material".

On occasion he tended to explain his material a little too much but it did show, apart from a few nerves, that he cared about the audience.

The punters were animated throughout the show and definitely enjoyed themselves as plenty of laughs rang around the room.

He has a real talent for voice impersonations and tends to peak when he strays a little from the script and lets it flow.

Razzak delivers a high energy show that is sure to raise a few laughs.

Some of the material will definitely offend - but hey isn't that why we go to along to comedy in the first place?