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Mark Watson - good with the environment - but what about our questionnaire?

1) How did you get the name of your show this year?
I read this book about reducing your stress and it said you should 'let go of all your negative thoughts' from the past. In this show I've tried to do that by listing them all. But with jokes.

2) Tell us the best punchline from the show
'Squatting!' But you need the rest of the joke for it to work, really. Obviously, I can't give that away.

3) What's been your best heckle?
On the tour I'm currently doing, I mentioned in the first half that I never get to eat properly because of my lifestyle, and during the interval someone bought a sausage roll and left it on the stage. So it was kind of an inverse heckle. A kind one. And using food not words.

4) What was your response?
I thanked them very much and, of course, ate in on the way home.

5) What's the craziest thing you've ever bought on TradeMe?
Not sure I've ever used TradeMe, but I once bought a T-shirt on ebay. It was a t-shirt of a band I really loved, but of course, it was a stupid idea to buy clothes off an internet auction site. It didn't fit at all and I never wore it.

6) Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this year's festival - and why?
The Boy With Tape On His Face, New Zealand's own non-speaking physical prankster. He's just very compelling and unique. I don't even know if he's playing, but if he is, I'll be there.

7) What was the last film you watched?
Revolutionary Road. Well done and engrossing but a bit oppressively gloomy.

8) What was the one question you were glad you weren't asked on this questionnaire?
Do you have any embarrassing habits?

9)  What's the one question we should have asked?
Probably the above one, but luckily, it's too late now.