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Who is John Maucere - and what is his show about?

Presented by Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand & NZ Relay

John Maucere as Deafywood in world's quietest comedy act

Debut NZ performance for world renowned deaf comedian

One of the world's best known Deaf entertainers John Maucere is joining the 2009 NZ International Comedy Festival line-up with his inaugural New Zealand performance on 4 May.
A seasoned performer from the heart of Hollywood, John promises a hilarious one-man stand up comedy act where he assumes a number of roles, including his latest character - a Deaf superhero called "Superdeafy".

John has been described as breaking through all boundaries to go where no Deaf man has gone before - making people laugh regardless of communication barriers. 
His debut performance at the NZ International Comedy Festival is part of a wider New Zealand tour run in conjunction with Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand and NZ Relay, to support New Zealand Sign Language Week (4-10 May).

The hour long show will be accompanied by a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter who will translate the performance into spoken words for the wide enjoyment of all comedy lovers.

"A well known personality in Hollywood, John continues to reinvent himself as a comedian and actor through diverse medias such as on stage, in television, and through the internet. He is a proud advocate for the Deaf community and his first New Zealand performance is one not to be missed - by both hearing and Deaf comedy lovers," says Deaf Aotearoa's Chief Executive, Rachel Noble.

John broke through Hollywood stereotypes and became the first Deaf actor in ABC's Talent Development Programme attended by the likes of Tom Hanks and Arsenio Hall. From there, John appeared on several television series, most notably in NBC's "Law and Order" and "Brand New Life", USA Network's "Pacific Blue", ABC's "Parker Kane", and in the new show "10-8."
In 1996 John founded Deafywood Production Company, an ensemble of Deaf members which has since performed in over 41 American states, delivering inspiring messages through comedy to both the Deaf and hearing community.

Full one hour show with interpreter
Dates:    8.00pm, Monday 4 May 2009
Venue:    Cadbury Crunchie Comedy Chamber, Auckland Town Hall
Tickets:    $15.00
Bookings:   The Edge,, tel 09 3573355