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Who are Jarrod Baker and TJ McDonald - and what is their show about?

Jarrod Baker and TJ McDonald in

Monkey vs Robot

Laugh with your inner geek

Two of New Zealand's brightest stand-up comedy stars join forces for Monkey vs Robot, an exciting, witty, geeky and surreal show in the 2009 New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

A shared heritage of geekdom has led TJ McDonald and Jarrod Baker to take centre stage and deliver an hour of comedy unlike any other show in the Festival. TJ's acerbic observational wit and knack for social commentary will be brilliantly complemented by Jarrod's dry whimsy and random divergences into music and surrealism.

"Let's just say that we both have more than a few geek-ish tendencies," said Jarrod. "I prefer computers to people, and TJ prefers Star Wars to just about anything."

TJ agrees - in part. "I prefer the original trilogy to just about anything. The new Star Wars movies blow."

The two will each perform 30 minutes of comedy designed to tickle your inner - or outer - geek.

About Jarrod Baker
One half of Billy T Award-winning musical comedy duo Mrs. Peacock, Jarrod is also the creator of popular webcomic Newtown Ghetto Anger, and a talented solo standup comic in his own right. In his spare time, he's an urban farmer, fighting the recession by tending to a flock of 5 free-range chickens. "I won half a Billy T. Award"

About TJ McDonald
TJ is a founding member of both sketch comedy troupe The Comedy Cure and beat-poetry combo The Lemon Barley Trio. In between standup gigs, TJ likes to engage Christians in debates about religion and indulge his passion for vintage video game consoles. "TJ McDonald enjoys an ease and command of the microphone and audience" - Theatreview.

Dates:  May 12-16
Venue:   Happy Bar, corner Vivian and Tory Streets
Cost:   Adults: $15, Conc: $12, 10+: $12
Bookings:  0800 Ticketek

Dates:  May 21-23
Venue:   Limelight Laugh Lounge, Aotea Centre
Cost:   Adults: $15, Conc: $12, 10+: $10