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Who is Jan Maree - and what is her Auckland show about?

JMX proudly presents:

Jan Maree asks... Have You Met Me?

The Show that sickness stole

Titch the trick-hound, game show glory, one fierce Sharon O'Neil tribute and great ways to make cancer laughable; Jan Maree presents the 'best of the best bits', including the real reason she had to pull this show from the festival in 2008.

Described as a chauvinist's nightmare and the thinking man's wet dream, Jan Maree's material ranges from true-life graphic to volatile social slaughter; in 12 years she has built a wide-ranging career of assorted achievement. The better of these include It's in the Bag for which she won the Billy T Award for Comedy in 2001. In her show Eat Me Jan cooked her way to a nomination for Best Local Show at the festival awards in 2007.

Have You Met Me will see snippets of these two shows mixed with new takes on old japes, including highlights from her experiences as a rookie comedian in Wellington in the early 1990s, from her time as a breakfast radio host and as the notorious MC of adult lifestyle expo Erotica.

A bungled bedroom escapade led to the diagnosis of her partner Rick's renal cancer in March last year. A week later on the motorbike they had just that day purchased, Jan and Rick were lucky to walk away from a high-speed crash. Back to the hospital to discover that whilst Jan had only sustained tendon injuries, Rick had fared worse, snapping his shoulder socket in two, requiring major reconstructive surgery.

The injuries combined with the cancer made it virtually impossible for Rick to take care of himself and it soon became obvious to Jan that she would not make it through the demands of a comedy festival as well. Worse still, the show was written and ready to go (talk about salt in the wound...literally!).

In 2009 Jan is proud and excited to present this show, Rick now with full use of his arm and awaiting discharge from Waikato Hospital's Urological Oncology Department. This is NZ comedy's renegade of raunch as you have seen her before&only better.    


Dates:  Saturday 2 May 2009 and
Tuesday 5 - Saturday 9 May 2009
Venue:  Limelight Laugh Lounge, Aotea Centre, THE EDGE
Tickets:  $25 Full / $22 Conc. / $20 GROUPS 10+
Bookings: 0800 BUYTICKETS (0800 289 842)