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Ed Byrne tackles our questionnaire

Ed Byrne

1) How did you get the name of your show this year?

It comes from the fact that growing up, my family weren't particularly middle class or particularly working class. To be honest, I'll probably drop a lot of the jokes about the class system while I'm in NZ as you guys aren't really as obsessed with it as they are in Britain.

2) Tell us the best punchline from the show

"And you call yourself a whore?" Actually that line isn't in the show but I've always wanted to write a joke with that punchline.

3) What's been your best heckle?

November 1999, Sydney Australia. She said, "Blah Blah Blah." It's particularly devastating when said in an Aussie drawl.

4) What was your response?

I asked her what she did for a living. She told me she worked in an office for a company that sold bricks. I sarcastically suggested that she was bound to find my show boring when she clearly led such an exciting life.

5) What's the craziest thing you've ever bought on TradeMe?

I'm afraid I've never bought anything on TradeMe. I did just spend �50 on a rare Robert Palmer CD on Amazon.

6) Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this year's festival - and why?

I'm very much looking forward to seeing Ben Hurley and also Glenn Wool as they are both very funny men that I have not seen for some time. Although killing to see them might be a bit excessive. I might just get them to put me on the guest list.

7) What was the last film you watched?

My friends and I enjoy watching terrible films and taking the piss out of them. That's why the answer to your question is "I Know Who Killed Me" starring Lindsay Lohan

8) What was the one question you were glad you weren't asked on this questionnaire?

Either, What made you want to be a comedian? or Where do you get your ideas from?

9)  What's the one question we should have asked?

Is it true that the last time you toured New Zealand you got engaged? The answer, by the way, would have been "Yes".