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Diane Spencer: Comedy Festival Review

Diane Spencer - Tam Pom Pom

Diane Spencer's first solo show, Tam Pom Pom, went down a treat; despite the absence of a backdrop, scenery or indeed a toilet in the venue.

(At least, Spencer said that there weren't any toilets - I didn't actually check.)

All of these shortcomings provided Spencer with a series of very amusing opening gags.

Spencer stalked around the Spartan stage, bribed the audience with free ginger beer (a nod to her red hair) and launched into a series of raunchy jokes involving Queen Elizabeth I and Shakespeare (possibly a nod to being a raunchy Pom herself).

Mixed in with the 16th century cracks, were tales of folly on Auckland roads and other distinctly Kiwi jibes, including a politically incorrect hypothesis on the origins of the word 'root' and an ode to Danny Lee: "finally an Asian who can drive."

Tales of dildo shopping; foot fetishes and their dire consequences; and her mother's deeply held fear that Osama bin Laden has designs on her English hamlet had the audience chuckling steadily.

Spencer then really hit her stride with a string self-deprecating dating jokes -involving a nasty incident with a party popper - and a tale of a misguided attack on a deaf barfly.

Spencer hasn't been on the local comedy scene long - she started in 2007 (after emigrating from England in 2006) but she's done well.

She was a Highly Commended Finalist in the RAW Comedy Quest and Nominated Best Newcomer in the 2007 NZ Comedy Guild awards.

Her show isn't for the prudish.

Some of the sex jokes had the audience - well my row anyway -squirming in their seats and laughing in an embarrassed sort of way but Diane Spencer is well worth a look.

Most of the show was very funny, fresh and she does a good line in motivational mottos for wall plaques.

Tam Pom Pom runs through to Saturday at 10pm at Comedy Underground in Auckland.