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Danny Bhoy: Comedy Festival Review

Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy: On Tour 2009

Danny Bhoy has been downunder so many times we should almost make him a resident.

He's understated, self-deprecating and easygoing - and it's not hard to see why he's such a hit with New Zealand audiences.

Fresh from a three month tour of Australia's backcountry, Bhoy is in New Zealand for three near sold-out shows at The Civic Theatre in Auckland. 

With its elaborate décor and seats stretching to the ceiling - not to mention those blingin' lions - the Civic surely isn't the easiest setting for an intimate comedy set. 

But never underestimate a professional.

Throughout his 90-minute set, Bhoy charmed the crowd with stories of terrible first impressions. 

It's ripe material for a comedian - or in fact any of us, and herein lies Danny's success: he creates hilarious stories we can all empathise with.

Bhoy frequently segues from his central stories - a tale of the creepy critters in the Australian Outback was put to the side to discuss bar etiquette in small towns.

Initially Bhoy appeared distracted but in actual fact he was far from it.

Each diversion is another layer to the story, and Bhoy never forgets to return to the punchline.

He is a master storyteller.

He's undoubtedly a professional, but better than this he's a natural. 

He appeared entirely comfortable on stage, slightly bemused by the neon lights and the smoke machine. 

You get the feeling that as long as there's a microphone and a glass of water, he'd be at home anywhere.

He frequently conferred with the front row, discussed Scotland with another local, and managed to incorporate a particularly memorable quip from the audience into at least two stories with great hilarity. 

If there's one thing I learnt it's this: never underestimate the power of a punch in the undies... or a Scotsman at the top of his game.

Danny Bhoy: On Tour 2009 runs until Saturday 16 May at the Civic Theatre in Auckland before touring nationwide.