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Corbett & Lovegrove: Comedy Festival Review

Corbett & Lovegrove Live

A packed Town Hall, an audience up for it - and two of New Zealand's best live comedians.

That much was a certainty - but what happened after the lights went down and the show began was completely unpredictable.

In a brilliant and hilarious way.

Jeremy Corbett opened the show walking out with a laid back confidence and launching straight into his routine.

Corbett has a quick wit and has always had an easy way with words - which is why the radio environment suits him down to a tee.

Easily desptaching a heckler early on, Corbett got the crowd onside and didn't let up.

Covering a broad range of topics, Corby looped in elements from his earlier stories into later ones, meaning you had to keep up with where his wit was going.

The best part of his routine was saved for last though - as he talked about the "Steve" in charge of his head - (it made me think of an old American sitcom called Herman's Head - check it out on Wiki) and the problems caused by drinking - it was a very smart idea which was surreal and excellent fun.

Corby's been doing this for years - and it shows as his effortless delivery and comic timing had everyone in stitches from within moments he walked on until the cheers at the end.

And then there was Brendhan Lovegrove.

Milking the audience appreciation (which was raucous to be frank - and welcoming), Lovegrove prowled the stage like a caged lion, occasionally roaring out lines - and delivering early on one self deprecating sight gag about airline security which set the tone for the night.

Some may be offended by parts of Lovegrove's various routines - but unfortunately if you are I think, you're missing the point (with the greatest respect).

Lovegrove talked about life on Waiheke, South Africans, Londoners - and many more with caustic abandon and a rapier sharp wit.

However, the best parts of his show came from when he cut loose when various factions of the audience tried to join in - that was like waving a red rag to a bull.

With acerbic put downs and a humourously venomous approach to those who heckled him (as Brendhan himself noted, he couldn't quite work out why he was doing it, as people were heckling him in a nice way - with things like "You're funny"),Brendhan was at his live best - you'd never guess he had the flu.

He may have been doing this for 15 years, but his material is as fresh and topical as ever - you won't see a finer comedian on top of his game.

The New Zealand International Comedy Festival may be coming to an end after three weeks - but you'd be a fool to miss this essential night out with Corbett and Lovegrove - they're national treasures who should be revered and appreciated on the live circuit - this show is heartily recommended as a cure to the winter blues.

Corbett & Lovegrove Live runs at Auckland's Crunchie Comedy Chamber in the Town Hall until Saturday 23rd May.