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Charlie Pickering: Comedy Festival review

Charlie Pickering: Impractical Jokes

Charlie Pickering of Rove fame returns to our fair shores to tell us the tale of the battle of Brighton.

The premise for the show is simple; Charlie simply tells us the unbelievable and over the top pranks pulled by his father and his father's best friend over the period of ten years.

I could say that what follows is a roller coaster ride but I won't.

I feel the term is used far too loosely by those of us in the reviewer's fraternity and it would not be accurate in this case.

Rather - what follows is an unbelievable tale of how greatly any battle can escalate when both combatants refuse to say die and each reaction must not be equal but greater.

The story begins with a fully clothed shove into a pool which progresses to a Melbourne street being moments away from going up in flames to a major escalation before the curtain finally falls.

The unexpected gem of the show is how Charlie almost unintentionally gives you an insight into his upbringing and how he was led down the road to success as a full time comedian.

At one point he describes being asked to help pull a prank for the first time as "a coming of age."

Charlie's first involvement occurs after the Pickering family return home from holiday to find their house on the market - Charlie's mother is horrified and his father is actually rather pleased declaring 'the battle lines have been redrawn Denise, now they involve signs!'

Charlie is then recruited to help produce signs advertising the availability of fresh fish at his rival's address to be displayed all over Melbourne.

With any story, the delivery is key, Charlie's dry, non-fuss approach in describing the larger than life and sometimes unbelievable pranks pulled really is what seals the deal here.

He also breaks down every little quirk of our characters remarkably well early on in the show.

The result is that you feel you are hearing about long lost friends as opposed to complete strangers.

Thoroughly recommended to anyone who knows true friendship, has day dreamed of sweet revenge or simply would like a decent laugh.

Charlie Pickering: Impractical Jokes runs from Mon 4 - Sat 9 May at 8.30pm at the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre, The Edge, Auckland