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Who is Benjamin Crellin - and what is his show about?

Bout Time Productions Present:

Benjamin Crellin's Apocalypse Soon!

The end is nigh(ish)!

Top Kiwi stand up Benjamin Crellin tackles that timeless and timely topic: The End of The World.  From prophecies of cataclysm, to philosophies of terrorism with all the nut bars in between.  Whether it's collapsing economies, or marauding zombies, this show is a must for anyone who enjoys a giggle at the prospect of our species demise. The end is nigh(ish)!

Fresh from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the New Zealand and Dunedin Fringe Festivals; Apocalypse Soon! is Crellin's ninth solo show.

Benjamin Showcased at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival with Flight of The Conchords (2004) and has worked extensively across the UK South Africa and the Canadian Fringe circuit.

His television appearances include in seven episodes of Pulp Comedy, six Comedy Festival galas and four showcase appearances at the Billy T Awards

Not afraid of the hard subjects, Crellin is known for his superb writing and his ability to find hilarious angles in areas where many other comics fear to tread.

4.5 Stars "like a cross between Lenny Bruce and Dennis Leary with an angry smart guy vibe that is all his own" (Times columnist, Victoria BC, 2005)

4 Stars "Despite his rant, his humour never falters. It's not often that a comic routine stimulates both the funny bone and the mind. We talked about this show well after we left the theater" (Edmonton Sun 2005)

Dates:    Sat 2, Tues 5 - Sat 9 May 2009
Venue:    The Comedy Underground
Tickets:    Adults $20 / Conc. $16 / Groups 8+ $16
Bookings:   0800 TICKETEK (842 5385)

Dates:    Wed 13 - Sat 16 May, 9.30pm
Venue:    BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace, City
Tickets:    Adults $18 / Concession $13 / Groups 8+ $16
Bookings:   BATS 04 802 4175 or