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Austen Found tackles the questions

 1)       How did you get the name of your show this year?

The show is an undiscovered Jane Austen musical that we have found. Austen Found rhymes with 'Lost and Found'. It works on many levels.

2)       Tell us your favourite punchline

Run amigo, ees not a bacon tree. Ees a ham bush.

3)       Whats been your best heckle?

The library's that way mate.

4)       What was your response?

I went to the library.

5)       Whats the craziest thing youve ever bought on TradeMe?

I have never brought anything on TradeMe, though I have brought many things on the lesser known site TradeMeat.

6)       Aside from yourself, who would you kill to see at this years festival and why?

I would not kill myself to see anyone at this years festival as nothing is funny when you're dead except for 'Weekend at Bernie's'. I might kill someone else to see Janey Godley as she's a friend of a friend, although she doesn't know that yet.

7)       What was the last film you watched?

Dream Lover, not one of James Spader's finest moments.

8)       What was the one question you were glad you werent asked on this questionnaire?

Why were you watching Dream Lover?

9)       Whats the one question we should have asked?

Where is the library?