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Inside Out


Sunday January 30 at 9.30am

An investigation into the big problems for little people trying to make it into the world of paid work.

About the show

How to make sure programmes about disability issues convey positive and accurate portrayals of those involved, while engaging in an informative and entertaining way with a general audience - that's always been the challenge for anyone producing a series like Inside/Out.

We believe we've got the mix right. From the start, we've made sure that programme content has been driven by a strong partnership between people with extensive TV expertise and people with a personal experience of disability. That means that our programmes reflect disabled peoples' perspectives on what is happening in their lives, and is represented in good quality television.

Our production team have an effective balance of non-disabled and disabled staff - from the behind scenes work through to on-camera reporting.

* Captions available on Teletext page 801

Our programme philosophy

- Issues to be informed by the perspectives of disabled people
- Focussing on people rather than the conditions they have
- Projecting realistic and positive images of disability
- Highlighting achievement and excellence among disabled people

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