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Indian Summers


About Indian Summers

It's 1932.

India dreams of Independence, but the British have no plans to leave.

Every summer, the Viceroy of India and his administration takes flight from its sweltering imperial capital of New Delhi, to enjoy a season away from the stifling heat of the plains.

The precinct of Smila resembles a little England, a fantasia in the foothills of the Himalayas.

For six months this quaint hill-station becomes the nerve-centre of a sub-continent. India's Summer Capital. 

Here, against the snow-capped backdrop of the Himalayas, the power-brokers of a nation will Get Things Done, posing as tin Gods, while partying the summer away, with wives, lovers and a 'fishing-fleet' of unattached women hoping to hook a husband...

But history is against them.  The glow has gone. Anglo-India is in retreat. And Indian Summers is the epic story of that retreat. The great Titanic of  Empire is listing. Who will be left - where will they be – when the ship goes down?

At the centre of a large ensemble cast are two star-crossed families – one Indian, one British.

They will lead us through stories of love, promises, secrets and political intrigue, the game of master and servant... as the dance between Indians and British grow more frenzied and complex, in the countdown to Freedom.