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In The Night Garden

In The Night Garden

In The Night Garden

Weekdays at 9am 

A magical, imaginative fantasy!

In The Night Garden is a new landmark children's series from the team behind Teletubbies.

It has been specially created to appeal to pre-school children.

In The Night Garden is a wonderful interpretation of a nursery rhyme picture book, and takes children on an imaginative journey to meet a host of wonderfully silly characters living together within a happy and caring community. It is both funny and reassuring, with a capacity to relax and entertain.

Filmed in a real woodland, the setting is breathtaking and the programme weaves together the very latest technical innovations in live-character costume technology and computer animation to create a stunning and compelling experience for young viewers.

In The Night Garden establishes a new standard for pre-school television.

Anne Wood, co-creator of the Teletubbies, believes the show offers positive values as well as providing entertainment. "We have created a community of characters who live together, like and respect each other. It was our intention to make it like a beautiful nursery rhyme picture book unfolding a little piece at a time. It is all about atmosphere." Wood, who was an English teacher and later a consultant in children's literacy before moving into television, thinks the best children's television reflects their position and outlook on the world. "We call our programmes 'conversations with children'; to have that conversation you have to be aware of how children respond and know how to write for that," she says.

Wood set up a research department to help refine her children's shows and makes sure that the programmes stimulate a child's imagination. "Any significant invention mankind has ever made has come about with the use of imagination, and imagination starts with symbolic play," she says. "It's not about teaching or key stages, but it's there, and even the youngest children who can't talk yet have it - you can see it. I may be at the end of my career, but I value the creativity of the young - lose that and you will lose something very, very special."