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Ice on TV ONE

Another chance for you to catch this award winning series again.

Marcus Lush takes a journey to the continent of Antarctica, exploring its history, environment and animals - and the reality of living there.

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About the show

What's going on inAntarctica? What are people doing there, and who's paying?

Ice is a five-part series about the explorers, history, environment and animals - the reality of life in Antarctica.

Marcus Lush braves sub-zero temperatures to answer the burning questions; such as why does New Zealand maintain a base on the ice? Is it a lark, a holiday camp for scientists, or is it a serious place of research? Can you eat the biscuits in Shackleton's Hut, and what does penguin taste like?

The show also investigates and celebrates New Zealand's many connections with Antarctica - connections that go back over a century, connections that were particularly strong during the heroic era and those that are still strong between Christchurch and McMurdo Base and Scott Base on Ross Island.

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