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I Was There

I Was There on TVNZ Heartland

I Was There on TVNZ Heartland.

Every Sunday in September will be dedicated to a different decade from the 1960s - 1990s. The show will air from 7.30pm - 10pm, with episodes available on TVNZ Ondemand from 10pm.


About I Was There 

Join legendary presenters Dougal Stevenson, Judy Bailey, Jennie Goodwin and Tom Bradley for a unique look at some of the defining moments in New Zealand history. 

Each week is presented by one of these iconic Kiwi newsreaders and covers a new decade; from the sixties through to the nineties, as viewers are taken through the biggest moments in New Zealand history over four momentous periods of change.  

I Was There unearths footage from rare archives, and fresh interviews offer new perspectives on the moments that changed our nation - from the people who lived them.

I Was There covers the biggest stories of the nation, from national tragedies to sporting triumphs and cultural milestones. Plus TV advertisements from the period provide an entertaining reminder of how we were. 

Week one begins with Dougal Stevenson and the sixties: A decade of tragedies like the Strongman mine explosion, the Wahine disaster and earthquake at Inangahua; socially, exposure to the outside world would begin to challenge the traditional rugby, racing and beer holy trinity; in sport Peter Snell won gold in Rome; and Beatlemania hit!

Jennie Goodwin tackles the turbulent seventies: With the Vietnam War, French nuclear testing and the Dawn Raids; shocking crimes like the Crewe murders; the devastating Erebus disaster; the rise of Rob Muldoon; and the protest movement. On a lighter note, John Rowles gave the nation ‘Cherie Moana Marie’.

Tom Bradley hosts the glamourous eighties: A time of contrast from the Pope’s first visit, to the shocking bombings of the Rainbow Warrior and Trades Hall in Wellington, through to the Springbok’s controversial tour and back to big hair and shoulder pads with New Zealand’s answer to Dallas - Gloss.  

here dark times included the Aramoana and Bain murders, and the tragedy at Cave Creek, in contrast to national sporting glories like The Americas Cup and the Commonwealth Games, plus television welcomed a ground-breaking new drama – Shortland Street!