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Taupunakohe Tocker

Taupuna Taupunakohe Tocker

I was brought up mostly in Auckland but spent most weekends and holidays in Taumarunui. Auckland was actually really cool to grow up in.

We were still kicking it outside in the 80's, I was playing with all the kids on my street, chasing the Mr Whippy truck, trading marbles and getting up to neckzies in elastics. Playing dress ups my fav cozzie was Batman. I used to run into our sleep out, change and emerge as Batman. I imagine I must've been quite fresh to the other kids as I couldn't speak English properly till I was about seven.

Taumarunui! Where my heart is because it was where my kui and koro used to be before they passed away. My kui would always tell me stories about my iwi and her up bringing.

I love to dance Salsa! I love to dance full stop. I love dvds too, I have about 100 now and I am still collecting.
My favourite sports are indoor netball and touch, I like watching a live rugby game it's the only time you can yell and jump up and down and it's normal haha. My favourite musician is Stevie Wonder a.k.a my Dad.

Have you every tried Maltesers and popcorn mixed together? You will thank me when you try this. But note that I told you first.

I think I AM TV will bring funk-fun and awesomness!  I AM TV is packed with laughs, famous peoples, interesting places and people.

Without the people there would be no I AM. The people bring their voices and their whakaaro to our show.