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Hunger for the Wild


Series 2 Episode 7 - Wild Hare Two Ways w/ Celeriac

Wild Hare Two Ways w/ Celeriac, Roasted Shallots, Garlic Confit and Crab Apple Jelly.

Serves 6: Main Course

Step 1 .    Preparing The Hare


- 2             Whole Dressed Hare


Remove both the front and back legs off the two hare. Now run your sharp knife down both sides of the back bone removing the two fillets from both the hare saddles. Take the four fillets and remove the silver skin off each one. Its similar to removing the skin off a fillet of fish. Refrigerate the fillets until required.

Take the four back legs and remove the meat off the bones. Like wise remove any evident silver skin. Cut the meat into strips and place in the freezer for at least an hour so they begin to freeze and will  go through the mincer easily.

When the hare meat is nearly frozen, set up the mincer and grind the meat through to produce a  fine mince. Keep in the fridge until needed for the hare patties.

Step 2.   Garlic Confit


- 250 gms          Garlic Cloves ( whole peeled )
- 1 Cup              Olive Oil
- 1 Cup              Canola Oil
- 2                      Bay Leaves
- 2 Sprigs           Thyme
- 2 Sprigs           Rosemary


Preheat  oven to 150 degrees. Place the garlic in an ovenproof dish ( loaf tin works well ), pour over the oils and place the herbs in as well. Cover with tin foil , place on a burner for a couple of minutes to get the oil hot then put in the oven. Check after 40 minutes.

The garlic confit is ready when the cloves are soft through. Store in the oil and use as required. Don't forget to use the oil as well, for other applications.

Step 3.     Roasted Shallots


- 500 gms           Shallots  ( whole peeled )
- 1/3 Cup           Olive Oil
- 1/3 Cup           Water
- 2                      Bay Leaves
- 2 Sprigs          Thyme
- 2 Sprigs          Rosemary


Preheat oven to 150 degrees. Place the whole shallots in an ovenproof dish, pour over the oil and water, and add the herbs. Cover with foil and place in the oven. Check after an hour,   then in 15min intervals. Remove the shallots when soft through. Keep in the fridge until required.

Step 4.    Hare Patties


- 250 gms           Bacon ( Fine dice )

-1 x                     Carrot ( Fine dice )
-1 x                    Onion ( Fine dice )
-1 x                    Celery stick ( Fine dice )
-1 Tbl                Garlic ( minced )
-2 Tbl                Oregano ( minced )
-2 Tbl                Thyme   ( minced )

-                         Hare Mince
-                         Salt and pepper to season.


Take a skillet or fry pan. Add a little cooking oil , bring up to medium heat and add the bacon. Cook for 5 minutes then add your vegetables , garlic and herbs. Turn down the heat and sweat the vege and bacon mix for 10 -15 minutes until soft and cooked. Remove and cool to room temperature.

Once cool fold and work in the bacon vegetable mix into the minced hare. Season with Salt and Pepper.

Once the mix is all combined,  form in the style of a hamburger patties. Place the patties between greaseproof paper and store in the fridge until required.

Step 5.    Roasted Celeriac


-3 x                 Large Celeriac
-                      Cooking Oil
-                      Salt & Pepper


Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees. Take the three celeriac and with a knife peel and discard the rough outer skin. With a sharp knife, slice six large rounds about ý  an inch thick.

Take a skillet or sauté pan and place on med-high heat. Add some cooking oil, then season the celeriac rounds with salt and pepper. Sauté for a couple of minutes on either side until slightly golden, then place in a oven proof dish and cook for a further 15 minutes until cooked through.

Remove from the oven keep warm until required or reheat prior to serving.  

Step 6.     Cooking, Plating and Serving


-                   Roasted Celeriac
-                   Garlic Confit
-                    Roasted Shallots
-                    Hare Patties
-                    Hare Fillets
-                    Demi Glaze or similar gravy
-                    Crab Apple Jelly ( Ruth Pretty Brand , Rocks! )


Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. Oil an ovenproof dish and place the pre cooked celeriac rounds in the bottom and place in the oven. Cook for 10 minutes or so until hot through, remove and keep warm.

For the garlic and shallots heat up a sauté pan , add a small amount of oil the sauté for a few minutes until golden and hot through. Likewise keep covered in a warm place.

Place your demi/gravy in a small saucepan and place on low heat.

For the Hare Patties heat up a sautepan or skillet on high heat. Saute the patties for 1-2 minutes on either side, remove and keep warm.

Lastly for the fillets , again heat up a sautepan or skillet to high heat. Season the fillets with salt and pepper , add a little oil to the pan then agdd the fillets. Cook again for only a couple of minutes then remove and rest. The hare fillets are very lean and should be cooked at no more than med-rare.

To serve, on hot plates , place a roasted celeriac round in the centre of each plate. Top with a hare pattie. Next slice the Hare fillets on a slight angle and arrange on top of the patties. Spoon over the garlic confit and roasted shallots, then pour over or around a little of the gravy. Lastly place a dollop of the crab apple jelly on each and serve immediately .
Pour yourself a good glass of red wine sit back and enjoy!