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Hunger for the Wild


Series 1 Episode 7 - Sautéed Flounder with Fresh Pipis

Sautéed Flounder w/ Fresh Pipis cooked in White Wine, Herbs and Garlic

Serves 8  Main course

Step 1.

Pipi Preparation


-  Allow 30-40 Pipi's per serve ( purged in salt for at least 12 hours )

1 and a half Cup White Wine
2  Cups Chicken Stock
1/2 Tbl  Garlic
100g  Butter
1/4 Cup  Fresh Basil
3 Tbl  Fresh Tarragon


In a large saucepan add the pipis, white wine, chicken stock, garlic and butter. Place a lid on the saucepan and put onto high heat. Check after 5-7 minutes, and if the shells are beginning to open add the fresh herbs. Place the lid back on and give them a good shake up. Finish cooking for a couple more minutes and hold.

Step 2.

Flounder Preparation and cooking


8 x  Flounder
-    Salt & Pepper
-    Flour
-    Cooking Oil
-    Butter


To prep the flounder, hold the tail with one hand, then take your other hand and using your thumb, carefully edge it between the top skin (dark skin) and the flesh. It should start to come away, then holding the tail securely pull the skin back towards the head and remove, exposing the top fillet. If the guts haven't been taken out remove those also.

To cook the flounder, heat up a skillet, fry pan or flat top to medium heat. Season the flounders with salt and pepper then dredge with flour and pat any excess off, leaving a fine layer on the fish. Add cooking oil, then butter to the pan and cook each flounder until golden on each side. For a regular size flounder 3-4 minutes on either side should be ample. Keep the flounder warm until all are cooked.

Step 3

Plating and serving


Serve the flounder on a flat plate, top with pipis and spoon over some broth. Have plenty of handy towels at the ready, as extracting the pipis from their shells and removing the middle bone frame from the flounder is finger lickin' fun. Having a good loaf of bread to mop up the pipi broth is a great idea!