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Episode 5 - Crab

Episode 5 Crab - Waikanae, Kapiti Coast

Logie hauls up some feisty Waikanae crabs, while Brownie picks fresh berries and discovers an award-winning brew, then it's over to beautiful Kapiti Island.

Menu: Waikanae crab cakes with homemade tartare sauce.

Wine match: Te Mata Woodthorpe Chardonnay

Logan and Brown head north of Wellington to the Kapiti Coast where they're fishing for the feisty Waikanae crab.  The tender crabmeat is used in the recipe for Logan Brown crab cakes and their mates Narina McBeath and Matt Whittaker of Waikanae Crab have been supplying the restaurant for over 10 years.

Pioneers in the business of catching and selling paddle crabs, Narina and Matt found what worked best for extracting the meat through trial and error, with the simple answers often the best. 

After sampling the succulent meat, Matt invites Logie out on their fishing boat, while Brownie tries his luck closer to shore with restaurant greengrocer, Sanjay Dayal, whose mother Puspa cooks a mean Indian crab curry.

Meanwhile Matt and Logie head out to sea and throw baited pots and nets over the side. Matt fishes the Kapiti coast anywhere from just beyond the breakers to a couple of kilometres out, and finding the crabs is a combination of luck and local knowledge.

Brownie is back up the coast to pick a selection of fresh berries with Narina, then he calls into Tuatara Brewery tucked away in the back-blocks of Waikanae. Owners Carl and Simone Vasta let Brownie sample their award-winning brew straight from the bottle, and he's not disappointed.

All set for their cook-up, Logie and Brownie say goodbye to the mainland and head to beautiful Kapiti Island, where they spend time exploring with one of the few people to live on the island, John Barrett. Many tribal groups have left their mark on here including the great Ngati Toa chief, Te Rauparaha, who made it his stronghold in the 1800's.

Kapiti Island is also a sanctuary for endangered birds and the cheeky kaka are keen on helping themselves to Brownie's berries. Once the guests arrive its time to light up the barbie. Waikanae crab cakes served with homemade tartare sauce accompanied by a Te Mata Chardonnay - a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.