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Hunger for the Wild


Ep six: Snapper - Great Barrier Island

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Logan and Brown cast for snapper on Great Barrier Island, raising the stakes by entering the local fishing competition.

Menu: Snapper sundowners with sauce gribiche and baked whole snapper
Wine match: Brick Bay pinot gris

In this episode:

The boys search for snapper takes them to Auckland and then onto Great Barrier Island where they try their luck in the local 'Black Jug' snapper fishing competition.

In downtown Auckland, Brownie convinces Logie he's got time before catching the ferry to chuck a line into the Waitemata Harbour, and hooks up with local fisherman and diver Sam Kereopa. So Logie checks out the Auckland Fish Market before heading to the wharf to meet Brownie... the ferry's on time, Brownie's not.

The ferry departs with Logie onboard while Brownie is still out on the harbour fishing with Sam. Brownie may have missed the ferry but he manages to catch a beaut snapper and whips up Carpaccio, a dish of fresh, thinly sliced raw fish.

Brownie takes a flight to Great Barrier Island and meets Logie at the wharf as the ferry pulls in. The boys head straight to Tipi and Bob's Waterfront Lodge to enter the Black Jug fishing competition - the biggest snapper wins and winner takes all. All paid up they have time to check out a few local hotspots before the competition kicks off.

Splitting up, Logie drives round the island to garner a few local fishing tips and check out the self-sufficient lifestyle Great Barrier is renowned for, picking up some fresh produce for the cook up along the way.

Brownie takes to the water, meeting Craig McInman who runs a charter fishing business on the island. Craig introduces Brownie to soft plastic baits and pulls in a massive snapper, which the boys release. Smaller snapper eat better, so best to save the biggies until the competition starts.

The boys reunite and head to the Northern end is the island for the start of the contest. Scott Mabey, a fifth generation islander, takes them out the back of his farm to the rock ledges he's been fishing since he was a kid.

After a couple of hours of concerted effort, there's little to show. The prized one is still out there but it will have to wait until tomorrow...

The next morning the boys are determined to make the most of the time left before the competition closes.

Hooking up with Craig again, they try a couple of spots and eventually land two good sized snapper. Then it's back to Tipi and Bob's for the weigh in. They're not prize fish but they will be great eaters.

The boys head to the kitchen, turning out snapper sundowners served with a fancy tartae sauce and baked whole snapper to feed their fellow competitors during the weigh-in.