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Hunger for the Wild


Ep eight: Quail - Nelson

Logan and Brown are in the Upper Moutere Valley bagging quail to roast in a vineyard adobe oven with wild mushrooms.

Menu: Roasted quail with cranberry stuffing, duck fat potatoes, lardons and wild mushrooms
Wine match: Neudorf pinot noir

In this episode:

Logan and Brown head across the Strait on the tail of the flighty quail. First port of call is Neudorf Vineyard in Upper Moutere where the boys catch up with old friends Tim and Judy Finn. 

Tim's built an adobe oven so they boys check out his handiwork and decide it's just the ticket for the cook up. Staking a claim on the kitchen, Brownie starts preparing the stuffing.

Meanwhile Logie heads to the Riverside Community for some apples to throw in the mix. A drawcard for folk chasing an alternative lifestyle for over 60 years, Riverside is currently home to around 40 people, including Phil Vincent who helps Logie pick some organic Braeburns.

Stuffing sorted, it's time to hunt down some birds. Keen quail hunters Kendal Riley and Heather Baigent take the boys to a couple of prime hunting spots, but despite their best efforts, there's not a bird to be seen. Brownie's made enough stuffing for 24 quail so the pressure is building.

Trying one last spot for the day they manage to get off the mark... just! One down, 23 to go, it's not a great situation so the boys head to the Moutere Inn, built by early German settlers, for a quiet beer and a bit of a regroup.

The next day the boys call in reinforcements and decide to cover new territory. Logie goes hunting with Heather and a few friends at the Motueka River, while Brownie mounts a second assault in Marlborough with quail hunting legend Fred Rouse and a couple of sharp shooters from California.

Between them the boys spot a few birds, miss plenty but eventually score just enough for a decent feed.

No roast would be complete without the potato, so Logie calls in on local grower Owen Malcolm who digs up a few Victorias - the perfect roasting spud.

Meanwhile Brownie preps the birds before gathering one last ingredient, wild mushrooms. German immigrant Jack Horlemann knows his truffles from his toadstools and helps Brownie select some beautiful butter mushrooms for the dish.

Then it's back to Neudorf Vineyard to roast the stuffed quail in the adobe oven with potatoes and wild mushrooms.  Washed down with some of Tim and Judy's Pinot Noir, it's a stunning vineyard meal.