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About the Show

Gok Wan returns for another nationwide mission to get the women of Britain feeling more confident about their bodies.

Each woman will confront a huge picture of themselves clad only in underwear in her home city, do a naked photographic shoot, and finally strut her stuff down a catwalk in sexy lingerie before a crowd.

In a returning consumer strand, the series will examine the products and claims made by the beauty industry. Can face masks fight the signs of ageing? Will teeth whiteners give you a Hollywood smile? And do organic beauty products really work?

In a comprehensive product test, 100 women will trial the best-selling products on the high street. Each week the products worth buying and the ones that are better left on the shelf are revealed.

And to celebrate nakedness, we'll be seeing a lot more of it as Gok travels around the country trying to convince as many people as possible to take their clothes off and talk about what they love and hate - all in public!

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