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How to Look at a Painting


About How to Look at a Painting

The documentary is based on the book of the same name written by Justin Paton, senior curator at Christchurch Art Gallery.

In the series Paton, who also presents the show, embarks on a highly visual journey of exploration across the painted world to uncover and examine the marvels and mysteries of painting.

Each episode focuses on a different theme and asks why we should look at all. From abstract to religious, contemporary to historical, portrait to landscape and from installations to paintings that seem like nothing at all - this is a journey
through the unpredictable and wonderful, ever-changing world of art.

By the end of the series, How to Look at a Painting will demystify art by guiding viewers through the historical and contemporary world of painting. The core objective is simple: learn to relax around paintings and know what you like.