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How The Other Half Live on TV ONE

Saturdays at 3.55pm on TV ONE

About How The Other Half Live

There are almost four million children living below the poverty line in the UK.

One in two of them have a parent in work - but often in low paid jobs that make it hard to make ends meet.

And the effects of growing up in poverty can last a lifetime: average life expectancy in the UK is 79; for someone growing up in poverty it is ten years less.

But, with Government targets to lift children out of poverty widely expected to be missed, for many in the UK the problem seems invisible...

This series aims to shine a light on this hidden problem, showing just what it means to grow up in poverty in 21st century Britain.

How the Other Half Live follows the story of two families in each programme, as a wealthy family decides to assist a family living below the poverty line in the UK.

Each family hopes that their children will gain from the experience by understanding what life is like for others. Many people give money to charity in the UK and abroad - by bringing families from different backgrounds together, and making the giving more personal and direct, the programme raises important questions about how we respond to the poverty on our own doorsteps.