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Hotel Babylon

Wednesdays at 11pm | TV ONE

Hotel Babylon prize packs


Congratulations to the winners: Lorraine Rohtmets, Bridie Vaka, Walt Rutgers, Kirsty Whitehead and Marise Gold.

It's sexy, it's saucy and it's screening on TV ONE.

Discover the inspiration behind TV ONE's hit series, Hotel Babylon (Wednesdays at 8.30pm) with your very own Babylon prize pack!

Courtesy of the generous team at Random House NZ, we have five prize packs up for grabs. Each pack includes the following books by Imogen Edwards-Jones and anonymous:

  • Hotel Babylon - Everything you read in Hotel Babylon is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty! (RRP $27.99)
  • Air Babylon - A mile-high journey through the best kept secrets of the airline industry (RRP $27.99)
  • Fashion Babylon - A guided tour behind the scenes of high fashion! (RRP $27.99)
  • Beach Babylon - The secret life of paradise - what happens when the sun goes down? (RRP $37.99)
  • Pop Babylon - Lifting the lid on the shiny, happy world of the pop industry (RRP $37.99)

Price - RRP $27.99/RRP $37.99
Release date - now
Published by - Random House