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Negotiating Hostages

Dr. Ellen Sanders (played by Toni Collette) is a top surgeon in Washington, D.C.  She’s been chosen to operate on the President of the United States … and then kill him.

Ellen is used to the pressures of the job, and it is her steady nature and hand that has elevated her career and made her the choice of President Kincaid (played by James Naughton).

Yet when masked men invade the Sanders home the night before the operation and take Ellen hostage, along with her husband, Brian (Tate Donovan), and two children, Morgan (Quinn Shephard) and Jake (Mateus Ward), threatening to harm them unless Ellen does as they ask, Ellen’s calm is rocked to the core. Her husband, hiding secrets of his own, is not much help.


Ellen Sanders Brian Sanders Morgan Sanders Jake Sanders


Ellen will do anything to protect her family… as will Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott), a righteous FBI agent and hero who is at the centre of a conspiracy involving the President.

The chief hostage taker, Duncan will fight for his cause at any cost — even if it means putting another family at risk. Duncan’s highly skilled accomplices include his brother-in-law Kramer (Rhys Coiro), whose loyalty to Carlisle will be tested; quick-tempered and intimidating Archer (Billy Brown), an ex-military man with a razor-sharp tongue; and Sandrine (Sandrine Holt), a mysterious last-minute replacement on the team.


Duncan Carlisle Kramer Daly Sandrine Gonzales Archer Petit


With her family’s life in peril, Ellen faces an incomprehensible moral dilemma. As tensions mount and she fights for time before suiting up for surgery, it becomes clear that the outwardly idyllic Sanders family isn’t as perfect as originally thought — nor are their captors as evil as one might suspect.


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