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Meet The Sanders

Ellen Sanders is used to the pressures of her work and it is her steady nature and hand that has elevated her career and made her the President’s choice; yet when masked men invade the Sanders home the night before the operation and take Ellen, her husband Brian and two children hostage, threatening to harm them unless Ellen does as they ask, Ellen’s calm is rocked to the core. Her husband, hiding secrets of his own, is not much help. Ellen will do anything to protect her family...

Find out more about the Sanders family and some of the secrets they're hiding.

 ELLEN SANDERS (Toni Collette), a top surgeon in Washington, D.C., has been tapped to operate on the President of the United States … and then kill him. Ellen is told her family will be harmed if she does not do as instructed, yet Ellen’s strength and determination emerges and she will do anything to protect her family.  

BRIAN SANDERS (Tate Donovan) is Ellen’s husband, a former Ivy League athlete and golden boy who is covering up the fact that his real estate career is now in trouble and he’s fallen into debt. He’s been able to keep up appearances, but he’s relying on Ellen to keep the family afloat. At first defiant to the hostage takers, a secret is soon revealed that forces his cooperation.


JAKE SANDERS (Mateus Ward) is Ellen and Brian’s teenage son. Jake is a good kid but lacking direction. He has fallen in with the wrong crowd and is in desperate need of a role model.


MORGAN SANDERS (Quinn Shephard) is Ellen and Brian’s teenage daughter. Morgan has a dramatic secret of her own that will soon be revealed.



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